Classes will resume for the fall 2018 session!

The Edison Booster Club after school enrichment program, Edison U, will develop opportunities for our students to expand their learning outside of the standard school day.

Fall Sessions will be held October and November

Winter Sessions will be held February and March

Spring Sessions will be held April and May

You must register for the class via online registration.  Classes are first come first serve.  Once you have been confirmed in a class you can pay via:  Check to Edison Booster Club, EXACT cash or via PayPal.  Payment into the class must be made within 5 days or your students name will be removed from the class and opened up to another student.

Please sign up only one student per class per session.  After one week of registration if room is available your may sign your student up for one more than class.

Once a year you will need to fill out a Participant Waiver and Parent Consent Agreement - PER CHILD.  If you need one you can pick one up from the PIC desk or download from here

** A computer system will be available at the PIC desk Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings until 10:30AM for online registration for anyone who doesn't have access. 

PLEASE ONLY SIGN UP FOR ONE CLASS THIS WEEK PER STUDENT!  On September 15th, once everyone had a chance to sign up for at least one class, you can register for more than one class per student.  An email will go out at that time inviting you to do so.